Marianas Amateur Radio Club
March 1, 2016
1800: Pre- Meeting with club officers.
1900: President Brad Hokanson called the meeting to order.

Old Business

- Brett was looking into reserving a National Park for the Centennial celebration on 4 July. Ed has talked to the director; he was very supportive and will help with obtaining a permit.

- Mike asked if there was interest in conducting a “Cram” course. Alec suggested his Boy Scouts. Also suggested tapping into the Home School students.

- Brett read the MARC Corporation’s Purpose. It remains pertinent.

- Ed asked about activity on the bands.

1956: Motion to adjourn. Was seconded and all in favor.

Cash: $361
Checks: $60


President: Brad Hokanson NH2CY
Vice President: Phil Leppke NH2P
Secretary/Treasurer: Brett Wallace NH2KW
Past President: Ed Poppe KH2L
Joe Mancuso KG6JDX
Mike Wendt WH2M
Darren Caldwell NH2FZ
Bob Golding NH2ED
Alec MacKenzie NH2LF
Robert Kelley N1GU