Marianas Amateur Radio Club Minutes of March 3, 2015 meeting


In attendance Mike (NH2MS), Phil (NH2P), Mike WH2M, Dale (NH2KV), Darren (NH2FZ), Chip (NH2CU), Joe (KG6JDX), Will (NH2KR), Ed (KH2L), Bob (NH2ED) and Mike (AH2EB).

 Meeting called to order at 7 PM by President KH2L.

 In the absence of the club secretary Jim (AH2JD), Mike (AH2EB) volunteered to record the minutes.

 Activities update:  NH2KV on the air 2M and presently waiting for coax to put up HF vertical

 NH2P asked if anyone knew anything about DMR (not DRM) radio.  No responses.

 NH2MS the spoke of DRM radio in Sri Lanka and surprised at the high quality stereo music on HF 10 KHZ bandwidth.

 It was also mentioned that hams operating from Ulithi are running traffic to KH6.  Micronesia prefix is V6.

 KH2L has received some antennas as a donation to the club from former Guam resident Jeff Chapin (NH2IE).  There were several antennas, 10 mobiles, VHF discone, scanner antenna and 2m fixed vertical.  KH2L suggested that anyone who might be interested in these antennas could take them to use them.  No objections from the membership. They are available to anyone who wants to take one and put it to use.

 KH2L also suggested  the remaining 2m handheld be sold to club members for $45 ea. in order to get them into the hands of members to get them on the air.  No objections from the membership.  There are now 2 radios remaining.

 WH2M reported that he was unable to test today because of short notice.  Testing scheduled for Thursday Mar 5th then rescheduled for Mar 12th.

 WH2M reported that AUXCOM class would be Aug 7-8th.  Those taking the course would need to complete 4 online FEMA classes and possess a valid amateur radio license.  If you plan to attend the AUXCOM please contact NH2CY.

 KH2L reported that the Yaesu repeater has been ordered and will be shipped at the end of March.

 NH2P reported that the IRLP has some connection issues outgoing but seems to work well incoming.

NH2CU offered WX spotter training and a tour of the NWS at Tiyan, followed by a balloon launch. Scheduled for May 5th.   If May 5th is not available Apr 7th is a backup.

 KH2L spoke on antennas and demonstrated the use of an antenna analyzer on the discone antenna and 2M vertical donated by NH2IE.

 Motion to close the meeting made by NH2P and second by NH2CU.

 Meeting closed at 7:48 PM by President KH2L.