KR1P Analog Repeater System

The KR1P Analog Repeater operates on 447.050 MHz with a negative 5 MHz offset & requires PL tone of 114.8 Hz.  It serves the Davis County, UT area.  It's an open system and is linked full time to a 40-Watt analog FM transceiver in Orem, UT operating on 446.325 MHz simplex.  That transceiver utilizes a 10dBi gain omni-directional base antenna in a good location about 40 feet above the ground.  The coverage area for it is all of Utah County, UT and part of Salt Lake County, UT.  If you're a licensed Ham Radio operator, please join us on either the repeater or the simplex frequency.

Please direct all inquiries to:  gro.p1rk@bor
In memory of Wilfred E. "Chip" Brown, III.